Seamless transition to elctric cars - How to do it

1. Low taxes on electric cars

2. Medium taxes on "serial hybryds" (electric cars with range extender) under certain conditions

3. High taxes on conventional fossil cars including "hybrids" and "Plug-in hybrids"

4. High taxes on petrol and diesel

Why should serial hybryds get away with less tax than a regular hybryd you may ask?  Because it`s a very flexible way to make a car wich is good for both manufacturers and custumers. The car manufacturers can basicly design all new cars  full electric and offer the custumer to buy it  with a range of battery sizes and with the option to add a range extender.

- If you want to continue to drive like before you could buy a car with a small battery and a range extender.
- If you want to drive elctric but have range anxiety you buy the car with a decent size battery plus a range extender.
- If you want to drive full elctric you buy the car with a big battery and no range extender.

Benefits serial hybryds have over regular fossil and hybryd cars:

1. The engine (generator) can be small, light weight and cheap. Thirty (30) kW of power should be plenty to maintain battery charge for most cars.
2. Since the engine doesn`t have a mechanical conection to the wheels it can be placed basicly everywhere, in the back, in the front, on the roof or what ever.
3. Low power outpoot = less cooling = less drag.
4. Engine technologies wich isn`t suitable or hard to do for regular cars can work well for generators, for example "homogeneous charge compression ignition" wich in turn might make serial hybryds more fuel efficient than regular fossil cars.
5. You can buy a car full elctric and then add a range extender later on.
6. Seamless tranmission and exelent torque available at all time.
7. Even if the generaor has low output, the elctric traction motor can be powerfull.
8. Regenerative braking / energy recovery.

Suggestion: A Serial hybryd with a 100kWh battery could be allowed to have a fuel (petrol) capcity of 11,63kg = 15,79 liters and get away with "medium" tax. A car like this would have approximately 500km of electric range + 250km of petrol range.